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Black Forest Spiderwood

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Black Forest Spiderwood Driftwood

Black Forest Spiderwood is one of the most highly coveted hardscapes in the aquascape hobby this year!

Spider Wood is a unique type of wood used in the aquarium hobby. It is called spider wood due to the multiple branches protruding from the main body, a characteristic unique to spider wood. Spider wood also resembles a tree which makes it popular for a “Bonsai” aquascape. The branchy character of spider wood allows for hiding spots for fish and shrimp, as well as spots to place plants, like anubias and bucephalandra.

Spider wood will not sink immediately and will need to be weighted for about a week until it is fully saturated. The amount of tannins released by spider wood is much less than Mopani and Malaysian driftwood which is appealing in some cases. Once your spider wood has been submerged there is a potential for a white biofilm to develop. The biofilm is not harmful and will be eaten by some fish, all shrimp, and snails. It is important to note that some types of plecos will eat the spider wood because it is soft compared to other driftwood types.