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AQS Nano Aquascape Cube Set

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This kit is perfect for people with aquarium experience who wants to get their feet wet with aquascaping. Its small footprint will allow people with small spaces to enjoy a piece of nature in their homes and at work. The rimless 2.1-gallon UNS 20C comes with a unique design: a 45° mitered seam for a clean and sleek look. In addition, the Controsoil and UP-Aqua 3C LED Lighting will allow for the addition and growth of live plants. And to help keep the tank spotless, the kit also includes an AZOO Mignon 60 hang-on-back filtration unit.

We do not recommend this kit as your first aquarium. Due to its small size, the water parameters, like pH, temperature and hardness, can change significantly in a short period of time, which is dangerous to livestock.

Included in the AQS Nano Aquascape Cube Set

  1. Tank: UNS 20C Cube Tank, 2.1 Gallon Capacity
  2. Lighting: UP-Aqua Light 3C
  3. Filtration: Azoo Mignon 60
  4. Soil: 1L Controsoil Normal Granule Size