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AQS Bookshelf Aquascaper Kit

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This kit has one of the most unique rimless tanks on the market, the 9-gallon UNS 90LS which is approximately 36 inches in length and 8 inches in both width and height. Its dimensions are both challenging and fun to scape due to its short stature. Plants can be select to be grown in or out of the water column. This allows for another level of aquascaping experience.

Like all UNS tanks, the rimless 9-gallon UNS 90LS comes with a unique design: a 45° mitered seam for a clean and sleek look. Along with the tank, the kit also comes with a 9L bag of ADA Amazonia, Twinstar 900EA LED Fixture, and an Eheim Classic 150 Canister filter. With these components, plants ranging from low light to high light can be grown. The sleek and modern Twinstar 900EA LED fixture provides a full spectrum light source with wavelengths between 400nm and 700nm to bring out the most vibrant of colors. The Eheim Classic canister filters are one of the best canister filter lines in the hobby. The canister allows for cleaner water and less maintenance.

Included in the AQS Bookshelf Aquascaper Kit

  1. Tank: UNS 90LS 9Gallon
  2. Lighting: Twinstar 900SA
  3. Filtration: Ehiem Classic 150
  4. Substrate: ADA Amazonia 9L