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AQS Intermediate Aquascaper Kit

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This kit is perfect for everyone, from the first-time aquarist and to veterans. The rimless 20-gallon UNS 60U comes with a unique design: a 45° mitered seam for a clean and sleek look. Its volume and size are ideal for any aquascape. A bag of 9L ADA Amazonia, the original gold standard aquasoil, is included, which can grow virtually any plants with help from the Twinstar 600E. The Twinstar 600E LED fixture provides a full spectrum light source with wavelengths between 400nm and 700nm to bring out the most vibrant of colors. With this sleek LED, almost any plant can grow and flourish, from low to high light. To keep this tank sparkling clean, an AquaClear 20 hang-on-back filter is included. Arguably one of the best HOB filters on the market, this filter has a customizable media basket where you can add in any media you like and does not require expensive cartridges.

With a 20-gallon volume, the water parameters in this tank will fluctuate slower and will allow for earlier detection of these changes. As a result, adjustments can be made before any livestock is harmed.

Included in the AQS Intermediate Aquascaper Kit

  1. Tank: UNS 60U 20Gallon
  2. Lighting: Twinstar 600E
  3. Filtration: Aquaclear 50
  4. Substrate: ADA Amazonia 9L