DOOA SYSTEM TERRA 30 - Mistflow Set

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Aqua Design Amano - DOOA System Terra 30 Complete System Tank With Mistflow

Enjoy aqua terrarium using DOOA’s signature “Cascade” and Wabi-Kusa Mat. Try out new styles of aquatic plants.


*Includes: Aquarium tank, Wabi-Kusa Mat x 6, Filtration pump (3 ℓ / min, USB port Type-A), Pump stand, Outflow pipe, Flow rate controller, Filter sponge x 5 
*Approximate water volume: 10L
*Wabi-Kusa (9 Ø) can be installed besides Wabi-Kusa Mats.
*The use of ADA MOSS COTTON (optional) is recommended to attach aquatic plants to Wabi-Kusa Mat.