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Twinstar LED SP-Series Light

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The 600SP and 900SP is one of the new "Higher-end Model" of full spectrum aquarium LED lights that just got released from Twinstar! 

This new Twinstar (SP series) LED offers an optimum range of wavelengths of 400nm to 700nm, which is exactly what plants need to thrive and flourish.  

Therefore, it can enhance the color of plants and fishes in the most natural way. Your aquarium will be incredibly vivid when using this light.

The Model SP is the latest line of 24" and 36" LED's released by Twinstar.  This is the same light as the Model S except without the legs.  It is designed to be hung up like a pendant, giving your tank the sleekest looking light fixture available for aquascaping.  

They boast higher light output than the Model E's, making it one of the strongest LED's for planted tanks on the market.

IMPORTANT: *The SP-Series LED Lighting system is a pendent type light fixture, so the hanging wire kit is included. The lighting stand and arm is not included so it is necessary to have a lighting stand in order to hang the light on top of your tank.  

Tank Size Recommendations:

(Model. 600SP)

ADA Cube Garden 60-P, 60-H   UNS 60U  

(Model. 900SP)

ADA Cube Garden 120-P, 120-H   UNS 90L, 90U, 120U  

Product size: (Model. 600SP)  

24 inches (W574mm x D315mm x H17mm)

(Model 900SP) 36 inches (W873mm x D315mm x H17mm)  


(Model. 600SP) 

LED Source : RGB-W

Color Temperature : 6500K

Lumens : 3100lm Power : 45watts

LED Life Span : 30000 hrs 1 year Warranty  

(Model 900SP)

LED Source : RGB-W  

Color Temperature : 6500K

Lumens : 4900lm

Power : 65watts

LED Life Span : 30000 hrs    

Product Highlight:

Full spectrum LEDs for vivid colors  Ideal color temperature for plants

Promote optimal plant growth Makes the colors of the fish appear more luminous

Features: Full spectrum LEDs for optimum color reproduction Full metal lighting stand  Sleek and minimalist design Operation temperature: -10° - 40°C (14° - 104°F)