UNS Plant Food All-In-One Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

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UNS Plant Food All-In-One Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

A nutrient-rich liquid aquatic plant fertilizer. UNS All in One contains all the micro and macronutrients needed for a planted aquarium tank. Safe for freshwater fish and shrimp. This fertilizer is designed to be hassle-free and does not require frequent dosing, while still providing what your aquatic plants need to grow lush and abundant.

The concept derives from "Estimative Index" or "E.I." dosing which aims to constantly supply your plants with all the essential nutrients required for growth.  For quick growing and demanding aquatic plants, the frequency will be higher when compared to slow growing plant species such as Anubias, Ferns, and Moss.

  • 500ml bottle. Pump attachment included.
  • 1 bottle treats up to 2500 gallons
  • 1 pump for every 10 gallons / 1x - 3x per week
  • 50% water change once a week is recommended
  • Dose 3x per week when adding CO2
  • If algae appears, cut down on dosing
  • General dosing instructions are printed on the bottle label