AZOO Mignon 150 Filter

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AZOO’s Mignon 150 is one of the smallest hang on back filters, it is quiet and with proper care, will last a long time. It comes in clear smoke. This Mignon filter is perfect for small fish and shrimps, since it comes with a cylinder pre filter to avoid any livestock getting sucked into the filter. The flow rate is 40 gallons per hour with an adjustable water flow.

Flow: 40 GPH; suitable for up to a 10 gallon aquarium
Easy to maintain. Adjustable flow valve to adjust flow
3 stage filtration will keep water crystal clear
Quick & easy cartridge changes
Patented startup after power outage feature
Snazzy Design
Reliable operation for a long life

Perfect for smaller tanks 10 gallons and below!

Warranty Info: The SevenPorts Mignon Special Edition is UL listed with an extended 3 year motor warranty.