Getting Sponsored by Aquascape Supply Co.

We support all hobbyists within the aquascape community. With the constant requests for plants and other aquascaping supplies, there are some guidelines we must follow in order for us to put into consideration:

  1. Your social media and/or related blog/page(s) must be producing aquarium related content.  
  2. Engagement; be sure you are keeping up with your followers and maintaining a good image for your personal page and/or brand.
  3. Consistency is key.  We ask that your page/profile is continuously updated and you are contributing back to the planted aquarium community.  

If you are able to dedicate yourselves to these guidelines, shoot us over an email at hello@aquascapesupply.co with what you're trying to achieve and we will consider.  Website links, social media handles and contact info will help us to analyze and see if you are a good fit.

Let's partner up and grow the craft of aquascaping together!