UNS Light Hanging Bar

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UNS Light Hanging Bar

The Ultum Hanging Bar is the answer to your light hanging needs.  The bars are constructed of rust proof stainless steel and designed specifically for aquarium use without compromising on quality or function.  The bars can be attached directly to the rim of your aquarium. 

The ability to adjust the amount of light over your aquarium is an overlooked necessity in aquascaping.  By being able to raise or lower the fixture to desired height, you can control the light intensity and coverage spread to suit your specific needs. 

If your plants are receiving more light than they’re able to utilize for photosynthesis, algae will grow.  The amount of light required by aquatic plants to grow is directly related to the amount of CO2 and fertilizers present in the aquarium.  Having an overpowered light fixture on a tank with low CO2 and fertilization is a guaranteed recipe for algae.  The additional light energy which plants are unable to use without the lacking nutrients will quickly be consumed by algae.   

By raising the light higher, you can reduce or eliminate algae growth while still providing plants with enough to photosynthesize.   

*Lights or wire not included. Hanging wires are generally included with any hanging light fixtures.  

*Order 1 bar for hanging puck style lights

*Order 2 bars (a pair) for standard strip lights that have 2 hanging points