My Aquascape - Hobbyist Spotlights

"My Aquascape" Hobbyist Spotlight

Explore the people, personalities, designs, and why behind Aquascapers around the nation.

The following three "My Aquascape" Hobbyist Spotlight videos features Patrick Smith, Pablo Velasco and Travis Myer.


Video 1: 0:45 - "My Aquascape" With Patrick Smith

Featured in this "My Aquascape Hobbyist Spotlight" is Patrick Smith. As a horticulturist by profession, Patrick's love for plants goes much deeper and it shows in his meticulous attention to the aquatic plant selection you'll find in his aquascapes. Patrick couldn't have said it any better as the aquascape hobby is "art, science, entertainment."


Video 2: 0:45 - "My Aquascape" With Pablo Velasco

Featured in this "My Aquascape Hobbyist Spotlight" is Pablo Velasco. Coming from a generation where everyone is stuck to their digital devices, Pablo sees aquascaping to be serene. Pablo is immensely in love with the planted aquarium hobby and as many aquascapers can agree, "it's a bit of an addiction."


Video 3: 0:32 - "My Aquascape" With Travis Myer

Featured in this "My Aquascape Hobbyist Spotlight" is Travis Myer. Travis' love for the fish keeping hobby is strong and he even convinced his boss to allow aquariums on his office cubicle desk. As with any aquascaper, there is a learning curve with difficulties and "you keep working through it, the end result is definitely worth it."