21 Gallon 90L Ultra Clear Low-Iron Rimless Aquarium - Ultum Nature Systems

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21 Gallon 90L Ultra Clear Low-Iron Rimless Aquarium - Ultra Clear Tanks by Ultum Nature Systems

These rimless aquariums are carefully crafted using 91% clarity Diamant glass, a highly transparent extra clear glass with very little residual green color.  The low iron content in the glass provides uninterrupted crystal clear visibility.  


The 45° mitered edges are bonded together using high performance German silicone specifically designed for aquarium construction.  Each Ultra Clear Tank comes with a black leveling mat which is crucial so you don’t have to cut up your wife’s yoga mat.

21.4 Gallons
45° Mitered Edges 
91% Clarity with Diamant Glass
High Quality German Silicon 
Laser Etched Logo

Color: Ultra-Clear Low Iron
Includes: Black Leveling Mat
Dimensions : 35.43 x 11.81 x 11.81 Inches
Glass Thickness: 8 mm