Restock on UNS Ultum Nature Systems + ADA Aqua Design Amano Aquascaping Items!

Woohoo, the long-awaited substrates from ADA & UNS are finally restocked!  Aquasoil + Controsoil along with some rimless tanks + filters are back in stock as well.

Get your aquascapes looking good just in time for the holidays when you have company over!
Planted Tank Substrate

Two of the most popular aquascaping soils in the aquascape hobby are restocked for your substrate needs.  Whether you're planning on doing a low-tech or high-tech tank, Aquasoil + Controsoil will cover your plants' needs, keeping them looking lush and healthy!
Low-iron glass makes a major difference when it comes to aesthetics of your aquascape!  Not only does the clarity give a lasting impression but when placed side by side with a conventional aquarium, it'll turn any aquatic hobbyist into "an artist."

We got a restock of UN's popular tank sizes in-store + some of ADA/DOOA's gorgeous tanks as well!
Filtration is crucial when it comes to keeping your water pristine and giving a place for your aquarium's biological bacteria to thrive and colonize.

Whether you want an easy to use HOB filter or a canister, we've got you covered for all your aquascape's filter needs!
Lighting is crucial for just about any aquarium.  Not only does it add that final touch to the aesthetics but most plants require proper lighting to photosynthesize and bring out their potential.

We've got you covered with many options, whether you've got a nano tank or a larger sized aquascape!
Shop for aquascaping goodies today!

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